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Executive Council Members

Committees/Office Key Leaders

Nominating and Credential Committee Membership Committee
Chair Zan Gao  Chair Haichun Sun 
Co-chair Charles Huang Co-chair Xiangli Gu
Business Office Events Organizing Committee
Manager You Fu (2018-2019) Chair Tao Zhang (2018-19)
Co-chair Yang Bai
Public Relation and Promotion Committee Webmaster
Chair Hongwei Guan Ithaca College NY (2017-20) Dr. Zan Gao, Ran Wei
Co-chair Xiangli Gu, Qingwen Peng
China Divisions

East China Division Chair: Xiaozan Wang

Secretary: Zhihua Yin

Northwest Division Chair: Jie Wu 

Secretary: Yekang Ma

Northeast Division Chair: Peng Wang 

Secretary: Bing Chen

South-Center Division Chair: Changfa Tang 

Secretary: Yanling Li